Adriaan Labuschagne is a photographer and videographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. Adriaan Labuschagne is a photographer and videographer with expertise in both disciplines. He specialises in creating stunning visuals that effectively promote businesses and their products.
Adriaan recently relocated to Cape Town after spending nine years in China. He brings with him a wealth of international experience in commercial photography and cinematography, spanning over 12 years. His extensive experience allows him to infuse his work with creativity and innovation, delivering beautiful content that captures the essence of his clients' brands.
Adriaan has a comprehensive understanding of outdoor products, lifestyle, and fashion photography and videography, enabling him to create compelling imagery in these areas. He takes a highly collaborative approach, working closely with clients to gain an understanding of their unique goals and objectives. By working in small teams, he fosters a more intimate and intuitive creative process, tailoring projects specifically to the needs and desires of each business.
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